Release! (finally)

October 21, 2007

After a bunch of ups and downs, people disappearing or not doing work, and people coming in to do some work, I can finally announce that all four episodes have been completed.

h264 with AAC sound, in MKV. There will be no AVI version no matter how hard you ask. Simply use CCCP or mplayer for playback on Windows, and mplayer for all other platforms. VLC = FAIL.

With this I’d also like to thank all the people who worked on this project;
Scimitar for his OP and ED sequence translations, as well as the signs for episode one;
tripwire for coming in and finishing off the rest as well doing a check over Scimitar’s work;
Devastator for doing all the demanding typesetting that this four episode OVA required and timing the OP and ED sequence;
Merines for being dragged into this project by me to fill in for the timing and editing stage, as well as helping with quality checking;
thedot for helping us out with the karaoke effects as well as muxing episode one when my laptop decided to go on a hiatus;
Kilagamayan for his throughout quality checking;
Kenji Ikari for his quality checking too, even though he missed his editing stage;

Special thanks go out to Mitomi for providing an FTP account for us, TekNiks and Stormrider for being interested in this project despite not turning up any actual work, Dansolo for offering me the DVDs for this OVA (I refused because they seemed to be of worse quality than the TV caps we used) and Radicand for help with distribution.

And also to the perverts on the other side of the ocean that will hopefully enjoy this release… 🙂




A new start?

April 12, 2007

Well, guess what happened?

As Blogger moved form their old system to the new one, which uses the Google authentication, something went wrong. Most likely my fault at some point. The blog didn’t get moved to my Google account, and from that point I wasn’t able to login into my old account. This wouldn’t have been so bad, however the Blogger people don’t seem to be responding. Therefore I decided to move here, since WordPress pwns all! 😀

Some update posts will be coming up soon, and I need to make this thing more user friendly too…

/me starts scratching his head